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Bryant McGill   --   Official Site of internationally known writer, speaker, and human rights activist Bryant H. McGill.  Offerings include poetry, photography, other writing and some wonderful resources on this truly beautiful site.  Bryant's journey through life has taken many turns and twists, and he is an inspiration to many. 

Carlos Barbarito  --  Argentinean poet of immense talent.  Poetry in Spanish with translations to English and other languages.
See Carlos' BLOG. (In Spanish / en español)

Cafe des Poets  --  is a site with poetry, essays, prose, lots of links to some cool places and great resources.  Nicely put together, too.  If you like poetry, this is a good place to visit.  Kick back, and do some reading!

Poetic Inspirations  --  Pris Campbell shares her poetic journeys with us


Linnea Sinclair  --  is a retired private investigator and former reporter with great talent,   Her book FINDERS KEEPERS is a Rita award nominee for best first book, 2006.


Academy of American Poets  --  An organization that provides lots of resources and links.  The Academy sponsors national literary outreach programs and administers the most important collection of awards for poetry in the United States. 

  --  Looking for more poetry?


moromusic.com  --  the first web site we developed, for Budwick Music Company, showcases a remarkable artist.   MORO is one of the most talented guitarists and composers the twentieth century has spawned -- his history is fascinating, and the compositions that find their ways through his guitar are spellbinding.  He plays a guitar that is a rare piece of art in itself, made by master luthier Marcelo Barbero.  His web site provides photos, audio samples of his work and the tale of this incredibly gifted minstrel.  Add his music to your collection -- three vinyl LP's (for the vinyl collector) and four CD's are available at this site.  Take the jump to Amazon.com from his site too.   Visit our music page for some music videos of this great artist.

Trío Sol de America  --  music in the great musical tradition of Mexico, in the San Francisco Bay Area.   These guys are good!  They've got some videos on YouTube so oyou can listen.  Contact me if you'd like to hire them for your event , you can do so through the Gigmasters link below.

The Bicycling Guitarist  --  What's not to like here?  Chris Watson's eclectic site has a bit of everything...  music, essays, photography, humor ... and don't miss his song lyrics, which in my opinion can be construed as most awesome poetry.  (Some R-ratings on this site.)

Ron Jaffe Photography --  I first came across Ron's work in a small poetry volume years ago and was really impressed with his eye for beauty.   Even more amazing to me, he and the co-author of that little volume got me started in modeling by recommending me to a reputable modeling agent who took me on.  My modeling career was short-lived, but working with Ron planted the seeds of my own photographic journey, and I eventually moved to the other side of the camera..  Ron's work over the years has been absolutely incredible.  Check it out!

Amenidades Latinoamericanas --  Cristina Boyd has been broadcasting this wonderful program live on KKUP Cupertino 91.5 FM since 1982. Airing on the on the on the 2nd , 4th and 5th Tuesday of every month, she brings a great variety of diverse music.

Wunderground.com - I post lost of photographs here, and this link takes you straight to them.  But don't just look at my photographs.... it's a great website for weather information, including live radar,  satellite images, maps and more.  And don't forget to check out the images posted by other, talented photographers from around the world.

Our YouTube Channels:

Moodesigns Channel features Mike Barnett in some classical guitar videos

moromusic Channel features guitaristry and interview from Moro

Trío Sol de America is a classic Mexica trio in the SF Bay Area.


zreality --  is the Internet handle of Mike Barnett, who just happens to be Mary Barnett's husband (gee whiz, so that's why they have the same surname!)  Mike is a guy with many interests and talents -- he is a guitarist, a bicyclist, and a man with a razor-sharp sense of humor who is not afraid to show his silly side  (For example, check out this conversation one night while Mike is watching a western movie on TV):

Mary:  "What ya watching, sweetie?"

Mike:  "Quiet Burp".

Only took Mary five minutes or so to realize he was watching "Wyatt Earp" starring Kevin Costner.  'Nuff said.   Mike's a funny guy.  He's also studying classical guitar.  Click on the animations below to see videos of him practicing.  And of course, his web site was developer by Moodesigns.  See some music videos of Mike on our music page.

Pat Paulsen -- needs no introduction.  One of the funniest comedians ever to grace the small screen, Pat was a frequent guest and regular on the Smothers Brothers show and perhaps the best Presidential candidate who ever ran for the office.  Sadly, Pat is no longer with us, but thanks to this web site, you can still enjoy his wit and wisdom.  the site offers audio and video clips, some cool links and the opinions of some, who like Mary here, believe Pat was one of the coolest...check it out!


The Society for Preservation of Carter Railroad Resources is an organization dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of these historical railroad cars... and more.  If you've ever wanted to work on the railroad, here's your chance to be a part of living history.  The railroad museum is located at Ardenwood Historical Farm in Fremont, California.


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