The late Welsh-born Canadian poet and essayist Godfrey John wrote insightful poetry and essays. With keen observations and well-chosen words, his poetry comes to life and makes wonderfully enjoyable reading.




came out of nowhere.

He waddled

purposely across

the sidewalk.

The lights changed.

I braked obediently--

one eye on this


hook-beaked pedestrian

who stopped obediently--

looking both ways.



the light said

but no one was there

except this seagull—

every inch a Sydney:

precise, urbane,

he stepped out,

beak dripping oceans

before so many

wheels and eyes

gawking incredulous.


Will he…? He made it.


“Don’t walk!”

the light said: obediently

Sydney flew

across my windshield,

winked at me once as he

soared up

over the rooftops

towards his sane,








Myfanwy~~name in a song,

the Spring of a Welsh bard's art:

a cywydd from Dafydd's young

and fourteenth-century heart.


Myfanwy~~song in a word

soft heart on the curved Welsh tongue,

the single name of a girl~~

three sounds, one image to hang


like the wind's shape on the wold,

like gold in old tapestry,

like harp strings touched in a psalm,

like a voice in prayer made free ...


Myfanwy~~loveliness shared

one third in the spoken part,

one third in the meaning sung,

one third in the woken heart



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