Old bottles of hope

sit abandoned now on bathroom shelves


This one says it mends

your dry hair and split ends


That one makes hair grow back in

Where on your crown it's growing thin.

This one takes your wrinkles away

Use once at night and once per day

And this bleach changes your pearly whites

From stained and brown to dazzling brights


And every bottle,

every tube

says it's guaranteed...

(to do WHAT, I wonder...)

Well, gee that's great

but I still need


I earned every gray hair,

every line in this once-youthful face

that I traded in for experience.

And aging may not seem fair

But it's no disgrace

And it knows no such thing as abeyance.


So all those bottles of hope

gather dust --they've lost my trust

I keep them because they're guaranteed

to remind me

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust.


©1999 - 2024  Mary Barnett / Moodesigns