Once upon a time, on a summer day, the Sun decided to play.  He rose and rose in the sky until he reached the fullest of his height, and burned as brightly as he could, with all his might.


On the Earth, the day became hotter and hotter, and people were amazed to see the thermometer, which recorded temperatures higher than they had ever seen before.


The Moon begged her brother the Sun to stop this foolish game.  "Your light is too bright," she said.  "Please, you might hurt those who depend on you!"


But the Sun persisted.  In that afternoon, the crops withered and died from the heat.  The rivers and lakes and oceans ran dry.  The birds, overcome by the heat, fell from the sky and perished.


One brave man went outdoors to investigate -- but the heat was so strong that he melted.  And seeing this, everyone else remained in their homes and offices, afraid the same thing would happen to them.


The Moon, seeing this, was sad.  "See what you've done now," she cried.  "You have behaved very badly!"  And she started to cry.


As she wept, her tears bathed the sere Earth, forming a puddle.  Mists rose from the puddle, forming clouds; then a cooling rain began to fall in earnest.  The puddle became a lake and flowed into the rivers, and the oceans were thus replenished.


The Earth rejoiced and gave life to new birds.  Plants sprouted and grew, quickly, making up for lost time.  And the Powers That Be chided the Sun, extracting from him the promise that he would never play such games again.


The Moon, seeing this, was overjoyed but for one thing:  the poor man who had melted because of the Sun's antics still lay where he had fallen.  Bending down, she scooped him up in her silvery arms.  Try as she might, she could not restore to him the life he had known, so using all her power, she cradled him close to her heart until she and he became one.


And that is why, my friend, when the Moon is full, you can look up and see him, still with her.



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